Food Donations

Food Donations

The Food Bank accepts food donations from companies whose products are offered free of charge to soup kitchens and institutions. These products, while suitable for consumption, cannot be absorbed by the market, with the potential for destruction and environmental damage.

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The redistribution of surplus food through Food Banks is an international good practice recommended to protect the environment and meet food needs. At the same time, it ensures the rational management of food, for the production of which valuable natural and financial resources, as well as human capital, have been allocated.

The Food Bank has a fully equipped warehouse, with refrigeration and freezing chambers and all the necessary equipment to easily and properly manage every food donation.

More broadly, across Greece, the 7 Food Banks provide food to 333 soup kitchens and institutions for more than 128,000 people in need.

Through the creation of a structured network in Attica, 160 soup kitchens and institutions are supported, among which :


Nursing homes


Soup kitchens


Childcare institutions


Support organisations for people with disabilities


Support structures for refugees and migrants


Rehabilitation centres


Boarding houses


Various structures

People who go to soup kitchens have very low incomes – for various reasons – and the difficult family situations they face put even more pressure on family income, eventually leading to a situation of food insecurity.

you are a company that can

to provide food?

More than 180 companies offer their products to the Food Bank!

Food, refreshments, cleaning products and personal hygiene items, suitable for consumption, are collected at the Food Bank’s premises in Kryoneri, Attica, and distributed to selected soup kitchens and institutions in the basin.

The Food Bank, through its network of soup kitchens and institutions it supports, can make large quantities of food available for consumption, even 2-3 days before their expiry date. It has 2 cooling chambers and 2 freezing chambers with a capacity of 38 and 15 pallets, respectively, an industrial lift, pallet trucks and all the necessary equipment.

Its aim is to offer food that is suitable for consumption to our fellow human beings in need, instead of destroying it and harming the environment.

Because food is still, for many, an unmet need. . .

A small token of gratitude, a big thank you.


Συσσίτια & Ιδρύματα

systematically receive the support of the Food Banks, with more than 128,000 of our fellow citizens as final beneficiaries.


Since 1995, the Food Bank has been cooperating with all major food production and marketing companies, with the support of SEVT and the “HELLA-DIKA MAS” initiative. With the use of appropriate software, it fully records all the donations it receives and offers to selected soup kitchens and institutions, having a complete picture of the entire transaction.

It develops specific initiatives and voluntary actions, in cooperation with companies and other bodies, informing about its work and multiplying the benefits to society.