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Since 1996, we have been organizing these acts, during which our volunteers visit various Supermarkets and collect food donated by consumers.

The collected foodstuff then heads to Food Bank warehouses in Kryoneri, from where the delivery process, to people or institutions we systematically support, begins.

The foodstuff we collect are: evaporated milk, legumes, rice, pasta, oil, tomato products, cereals, sugar, and flour. Due to their long shelf life and resilience to transportation, they arrive intact to the recipients, who have enough time to consume them, ensuring that no product will be thrown away.

Snapshots from COLLECT 2023

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Are you a company?

You can participate in COLLECT actions by collecting products, which we will pick up and then distribute to the Soup Kitchens or Institutions we support.

Send us a message! [email protected]

Snapshots from older COLLECT