From June 2022 until June 2023, Food Bank has provided almost 9 tons of food to the 8 non-profit nursing homes in Attica.

In particular we offered:
Nursing homes

The Emergency Food Fund for the elderly is implemented with the support of the

TIMA Public Benefit Foundation

  • The programme ensures better quality and variety of food.
  • Saving of resources, mainly for the purchase of health equipment.
  • Time saving.
  • A feeling of satisfaction and security that someone cares about us.


* The aim of the program is to support the operation of the following 8 nursing homes in Attica.

From March 2020 until today, all nursing homes have been forced to significantly increase their spending on personal protective equipment, screening, coronavirus tests for staff and guests, while facing serious financial problems.
Now, increases in energy costs and the effects of inflation are putting even more pressure on the need to provide basic necessities!

TIMA Public Benefit Foundation remains actively on the side of the Food Bank for another year, helping to cover the food needs of our elderly fellow human beings in 8 nursing homes in Attica for the whole of 2022 through the Emergency Food Fund program.


Emergency Food Fund

is an umbrella programme that includes discrete food purchase actions by specific donors for the nutritional needs of vulnerable social groups. The programme started in mid-2020, due to the new needs arising from the epidemic.