Vision of Ger. Vassilopoulos, the Food Bank was established in 1995 as an independent and self-governing non-profit institution (Presidential Decree FEK 540/21.6.95).It is the 1st organization in Greece with the sole purpose of fighting hunger and limiting waste. Since its establishment, it has been an equal member of the Federation of European Food Banks (FEBA), bringing to Greece the model and structure of the rest of Europe’s Food Banks.

In a very different era, he tries to raise awareness by dealing with food insecurity problems, while at the same time hundreds of tons of food that would end up in landfills, support the work of foundations and charities all over Attica. From a smaller building in Melissia, in 2001 it moved to its current premises in Kryoneri Attica. Another offer from Ger. Vassilopoulos to the Food Bank!

In a space of 1,500m2, with a two-floor warehouse, cold-freezer chambers and all the necessary technical equipment, it collects food, soft drinks, detergents and personal hygiene items, which it offers free of charge , with the only benefit being the joy of giving!

In all its many years of operation, it has not received a single €1 from the state! It is based on private initiative, promoting volunteerism, while at the same time developing significant expertise in its field.

It is registered in the National Registry of Non-Profit Private Sector Bodies for social care services (09211ΕΙΕ16006Ο14Ν/0505) and in the Special Register of Voluntary Non-Governmental Organizations (09211ΕΙΕ16006Ε14Ε/0440), while at the same time it is controlled by the competent authorities.

In 1998, a branch was established in Thessaloniki, which since the beginning of 2015 has been operating independently as the Food Bank of Thessaloniki. Since then, on her initiative, Food Banks have been operating in Drama, Thessaly (Larissa), Epirus (Arta), Crete (Heraklion) and the region of western Greece (Patra), as independent legal entities that apply the same operating model, according to the local needs.

Speech of the President of the Food Bank, Ger. Vassilopoulos, during the inauguration ceremony of the new building in Kryoneri, Attica, May 31, 2001.