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Emergency Food Fund  for Ukraine

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The Emergency Food Fund for Ukraine program is funded by Sani | Ikos Group.


As Romania is taking in thousands of Ukraine refugees, the Romanian Food Bank, the authorities, and other local organizations are called to help the refugees, offering safety, food, and temporary shelter. 

Since day one of the war, the Romanian Food Bank has supported hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

At the moment, the Romanian Food Bank is treating approximately 9.000 Ukrainians, day in and day out, while the food supplies are constantly being reduced.

" ... now we receive fewer donations, you are our most loyal helpers. "

”  …. The situation of refugees has undergone many changes during this period, their number and stability being fluctuating. However, there has been a slight stabilization in their situation lately.

…. currently, the Food Banks Federation from Romania – FBAR through Regional Banks supports 95 NGOs with a number of 8.859 refugees (the largest share is those in Bucharest and surroundings, Oradea, Cluj, Timisoara and Brasov). Some organizations have returned to their core mission, others have failed to meet the needs of space, human and financial resources.  

… Food Banks are in constant contact with the organizations to keep up to date with these changes and to continuously adapt their support to the reality on the ground and the real needs.Thank you for your support, we are grateful.

… we are receiving less donations of food, you are the most loyal.

Gabriela Turlea, Assistant Manager

Asociația Banca pentru Colectarea și Distribuția Alimentelor

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Funded by Sani | Ikos Group

Emergency Food Fund is an ‘umbrella’ program, which includes discrete food purchase actions from specific funds for vulnerable people’s nutritious needs. The program launched within 2020, due to needs that emerged from the pandemic.