The Emergency Food Fund program for families started in mid-2020 and continues for 2024.

With the funding of the Mendzelopoulou Foundation we have provided thousands of meals to families, single parent or not, who face food problems and in some cases domestic violence. These people live in areas of Athens, Drama, Crete and Thessaloniki, where the Local Food Banks operate and support their needs.
One of our objectives was to extend this action to areas where there are no Food Banks, due to the high needs identified. As a result, it reached families in Patras, Ancient Olympia, Orestiada, and Alexandroupolis. We thank the "Andreas Mentzelopoulos" Foundation for their unwavering support in all our efforts, enabling the operation and expansion of the program.

Organisations that have been strengthened

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food portions to
our fellow human beings
The Andreas Mendzelopoulos Foundation continues throughout 2022 to support the actions of the Food Bank, helping us to provide food to families in Attica with serious living problems through the Emergency Food Fund program. We are grateful for your valuable contribution to the work of the Food Bank!

aid for fire victims

In addition to the above, through the “EFF for families” program

with the funding of the “Andreas Mendzelopoulos” Foundation, we offered the residents of of the fire-stricken villages of Gortynia and Ancient Olympia standardized food for the preparation of 16,000 portions of food, which will cover the needs of 250 people. See also here: Food for fire victims.

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The Emergency Food Fund is an ‘umbrella’ program that includes distinct food purchase actions, from specific funders, for the nutritional needs of vulnerable social groups. The program started in mid-2020, also due to the new needs arising from the epidemic.