'The dream'

a fairy tale edited by the Food Bank

An initiative undertaken by the Thessaly Food Bank with the coluntary support of all the contributors involved.

in greek and english
distributed for free

The presentation of the children’s fairy tale
“The Dream” took place in the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa, the
G.I. Katsigras Museum, on January 15.


The author of the book is Beatrice Saias-Magrizou.

“The Dream” is a fairy tale about solidarity, diversity, acceptance, environmental protection, and the fight against food insecurity.

Beatriki Saias – Magrizou, the author, conveys the need for a sustainable society through a beautiful story that can teach both young children and older readers.

The Municipal Gallery of Larissa carefully edited the edition, and Sdoukous Iphigenia draw the pictures.

The publication is bilingual (Greek and English), and Sofia Doni-Tzioumaki edited the English translation.

Animus-Blue Cross Clinic covered the necessary expenses for the publication. The book is distributed for free.