Food Bank collects donations from Food Production and Food Trading companies in a two-storey warehouse, equipped with an industrial lift, two freezer compartments, pallet trucks and other necessary equipment. These donations are distributed free of charge to selected shelter meals and establishments throughout Attica.

Διανομή και Διαχείριση

“It’s eight o’clock in the morning and the traffic in a side street in Kryoneri is increased. Trucks come and go, loading and unloading goods. The Food Bank’s operation area is the meeting point of those who help and those who benefit. This has been going on for over twenty years.” (Ioanna Fotiadi, Kathimerini, 26/07/2014)

Nursing Homes, Orphanages, Addiction Treatment Centres, Immigrant Supporting Centres, Disabled People’s Organisations, Shelter Meals and Churches are partnering with the Food Bank on a daily basis, thus creating a network of charity and unity.


consistently receive Food Bank’s support with the final beneficiaries being more than 43,000.


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