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The “Andreas Mentzelopoulos” Foundation continues for the entire year of 2022 to support the actions of the Food Bank, helping us to provide food to families in Attica with serious living problems through the Emergency Food Fund program.

We are grateful for your valuable contribution to our work!

* Here are some very touching stories from people that accepted help from the Food Bank.

M.M. is 58 years old. She is divorced, she lives with a child at the age of 14, and works occasionally. She has an annual income of 4,488 euros.

P.E. is 41 years old and lives in a rented house with her teenage child. She struggles with unemployment and the problems in her relationship with her child.

S.M is 56 years old and unmarried. He has an annual income of 2,400 euros and lives in a privately owned apartment with his sister, who has health problems, and his nephew, who has a disability.

The story of Κ.Β. and K.G. The husband suffers from back problems and he works occasionally. They have two children aged 16 and 13. They all live together along with their 65-year-old grandmother. Their rent costs 200 euros and their annual income amounts to 6,737.11 euros.

Additionally, through the “EFF for Families” program 

and most of all with the financial aid of the “Andreas Mentzelopoulos” Foundation

we offered to the inhabitants of the fire-affected villages of Gortynia and Ancient Olympia, 

food for the preparation of 16,000 meals for 250 people in need. 

Emergency Food Fund is an umbrella program, which includes discrete food purchase actions from specific funds for vulnerable people’s nutritious needs. The program launched within 2020, due to needs that emerged from the pandemic.