The property of this bank

is the substance of life

The Food Bank was founded in 1995, an initiative of Gerassimos Vassilopoulos, who envisioned a non-profit organisation that would provide daily food to children, elderly people and people in need.

Our mission is supported by a large group of partners comprised of volunteers, private citizens, companies, institutions and other non-profit organisations. Together we operate following the same Values; fighting hunger and food waste.

Our suppliers provide us daily with near-expired food products or products with defective packaging which, on our turn we distribute fairly to charity organisations as well as shelters and love meals. Our volunteers cook on a daily basis offering a plate of food to anyone who really needs it.


FEBA - European Food Banks Federation

The First food bank was founded by John Van Hengel in Phoenix , Arizona (USA) in 1967. In 1984, the Food bank of Paris-Ile de France was launched in order to cope with the rising poverty in Paris. Soon after, Belgium followed this example and established the first Food Bank in Brussels. After that, the Fédération Européenne des Banques Alimentaires – European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) was launched on 23 September 1986.

Between 1988 and 2001, FEBA supported the development of food banks in Spain, Italy, Ireland followed by Portugal, Poland, Greece and Luxembourg. The Food Bank of Greece joined FEBA in 1995.

Through the promotion of food banking, we aim at reducing hunger and malnutrition, while also protecting the environment.