#Bravo Sustainability Award!

The Greek Food Bank was awarded for the food collection they organized in 2018.

About the food collection
The objective of such an action is dual: 
– Collect specific types of foodstuffs that are not, or only in small amounts, donated by food companies.
– Raise awareness and inform the public about the actions of the Food Bank.

In Greece, the Food Bank addresses consumers, students or employees throughout the year to collect foodstuffs. But the most important date is the first Friday of December every year, when the food collection takes place in the supermarkets, as in most of European countries. On this occasion, hundreds of volunteers inform customers and collect foodstuffs in the supermarkets.

In 2018, the food collection was supported by General Mills and the General Mills Foundation. Thanks to this action, food can be provided to more than 33,000 Greek citizens, through 144 soup kitchens.

About the Award
The BRAVO institution is rewarding sustainable initiatives from business, local authorities and civil society. The Greek Food Bank was awarded because they support a sustainable future and contribute to the creation of the Greece of tomorrow.

The Greek Food Bank wants to thank all the volunteers, supermarkets and supporters. This would not have been possible without them.

supermarket suporting the food collection initiative

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